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Saturday, August 26, 2006

See the ocean after a few months

Yes, after 2 months here in OBA between the mountains Scott, Danny and I went to the NSW South Coast. Was amazing, the place reminded me a bit of Brazil. I borrowed Lisas car, no Kombi the little mandarin and went for 2 days trip.

Rock Climbing Training

Fizemos nosso treino de escala em rocha e rapel no Parque Nacional do Namadgi, foram 4 dias de muita aventura e aprendizado: ai vao algumas fotos!!!!

The Rock Climbing Training has been covered into the Namadgi National Park, it was 3 days very productive, here it is some photos!!!!

Equipments set up, many ropes, karabiners, harness, etc..

Focal Point - where the anchor rope meet the climber rope.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Brazil Tourism

Selecao para o Curso (selection course OBA)

Nosso primeiro curso e experiencia aqui na Outward Bound Australia foi realizado proximo a base, uma caminha muito boa.

Our first experience with OBA was in our selection course, we spent just 2 days walking but was great. Unfortunately Peter, Mike Tango and Merrillee didn't join with us.

where everything started...

James Jenkins was our Instructor: good job James

Walking always walking

James and Eva.... resting

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dingo: What is it?

The Dingo, Canis lupis: Breed: dingo is a member of a group of primitive dogs characterised by short coats, erect ears, characteristic skull shape and teeth and, most importantly an annual breeding cycle. It is a medium built, elegant and active dog of great nimbleness and agility with a head and body length of 860 - 980 mm and tail length of 260 - 380 mm. Adults generally weigh between 10kgs and 20kgs. The "typical" colour is ginger with white feet, chest and tail tip, although animals of other colours including sable, black, and white are often found. Dingoes are predominantly carnivorous, but will eat a wide variety of foods including plant material and insects. Their annual breeding season commonly begins in earnest in autumn continuing into winter with litters averaging three to five puppies usually born April - August. Australia's largest mammalian predator, Dingoes have been present in Australia for at least 3,500 years and perhaps as long as 11,000 years. They have an important ecological role, helping suppress populations of feral animals, and there is anecdotal evidence they help maintain populations of endangered species by excluding introduced feral predators like cats and foxes.

See also link below

Friday, August 04, 2006

Casa Estreira vira ponto Turistico na Bahia

Olha que casa mais maluca, eu nunca vi nada igual!!
Tiny house in Bahia - Brazil becomes tourists point!!,,OI1081272-EI1141,00.html


Nascer do Sol (sunrise)

Para comecar mais um dia de atividades aqui na Outward Bound Australia, resolvemos ver o sol nascer no topo da Tharwa Hill. Apenas 10 minutos de caminhada.

To start more one day of activities here in the Outward Bound Australia, we decided to see the sun be born in the top of the Tharwa Hill. Barely 10 minutes of walk.


Mike and Peter (jokers)


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